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West Hartford Community Interactive
West Hartford Community Interactive (WHCi) is a nationally-recognized, non-profit media center that encourages citizen participation in community life by providing an open forum for free speech, community dialogue, cultural exchange and artistic expression. It’s a place where people come together to connect, create and share. WHCi is home to three cable channels, a dynamic media-rich website, and an award-winning grassroots citizen journalism project called “Be The Media.” WHCi telecasts regularly live on Comcast Cable Channel 5, Frontier Cable Channel 6098 and YouTube. Events like “Take 5: Party at the Pond House” help the station continue to offer programs and keep pace with technological changes. Our 2020 Party at the Pond House was postponed due to COVID-19. Please consider becoming a member of our station. We have a very small, dedicated staff and even more dedicated group of volunteers and board members that help make the station such a valuable community resource.
  • Conard High School Junior and Senior Awards
  • We-Ha Health & Wellness Fair 2022
  • Hall Girls Lacrosse
  • Conard Girls Lacrosse
  • Hall Boys Lacrosse
  • Conard Boys Lacrosse
  • Hall Boys Volleyball
  • Resource Fair
  • Spring Sports 2022
  • Special Bipartisan Committee on Voting Districts
  • Demos
  • Conard Girls Gymnastics
  • Conard Boys Swimming
  • Conard Wrestling
  • Hall Boys Swimming
  • Hall Wrestling
  • Energy Matters
  • Hall Boys Ice Hockey
  • Conard Girls Basketball
  • Hall Boys Basketball
  • Conard Boys Basketball
  • Conard Boys Ice Hockey
  • Hall Girls Basketball
  • Winter 2021-2022 Sports
  • Conard/Hall Girls Ice Hockey
  • Holiday Stroll 2021
  • Council Affairs and Governance Committee
  • National Community Media Day
  • West Hartford Symphony Orchestra
  • 2021 Town Council Candidates
  • 2021 Board of Education Candidates
  • Mayor's Youth Council
  • 2021 Election Debates
  • 2021 Election Center
  • Hall Football
  • Conard Football
  • Congregation Beth Israel
  • Breaking The Spell
  • Fall 2021 Sports
  • Fair Rent Commission
  • Affordable Housing Advisory Group
  • Sustainability Advisory Group
  • Community Planning and Economic Development Committee
  • Standing Committees
  • Boards and Commissions
  • Be The Media Summer Blockbuster Workshop 2021
  • Television Tips
  • Civilian Police Review Board
  • Parks & Recreation Board
  • Human & Community Services Committee
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