PRODUCER: Princess Bola Adelani

Princess Bola Adelani is a British-trained corporate lawyer, an award-winning entrepreneur, an ordained pastor, a revolutionary thought leader, a savvy business coach and an internationally recognized work-life expert. 

As America's "Dream-midwife, Spiritual Money Coach and Queen of Networking," Princess Bola Adelani - AKA the Total Success Coach - equips business professionals to master the four pillars of TOTAL success - mind, money, people and spirit - so that they can exponentially grow their influence, income, and impact and become totally successful in their divine calling and destiny as transformers and leaders of change. Her ultimate goal is to serve as a catalyst so people can live life with "POWER and Purpose" as they "unlock their Passions, seize Opportunities, gain Wisdom, build on their Experience and get Results."™ It's her formula for TOTAL success.

Princess Bola Adelani is also the Founder and CEO of Royal Proclamations, a US-based personal and professional training firm which inspires thousands worldwide to achieve greater personal and professional fulfillment. She is the author of The Master’s Mind on Total Success and host of the global Call to Destiny Summit movement, a faith-based marketplace impact maximization training seminar currently held in the USA, UK, South Africa and UAE.



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