You can watch West Hartford Community Television either on TV or on the internet - you can also use your favorite mobile device.

Here's how you can find us:

Comcast provides three different channels that each broadcast a different aspect of WHC-TV programming:

  • Channel 5 - Public access and live Town Council and Board of Education meetings.
  • Channel 95 - Government and education television.
  • Channel 96 - Information On Demand.

Frontier TV allows viewers to access PEG (Public, Education and Government) programming via U-Verse on Channel 99.

There are three different ways you can select Channel 99 with the U-Verse TV remote control:

  • Select "Government, Education and Public Access" from the "Live TV" Menu...
  • Press "Guide" and scroll to Channel 99, or...
  • Enter "99" on the remote control.

Our videos and programs - past and present - are archived here on our website and on YouTube for easy, free viewing at your leisure.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 860-561-1260 or send us an email. You can also use our contact form right here on our website to drop us a line anytime.

We hope you enjoy watching WHC-TV!